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consultor seo experto freelanceWhat’s SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the set of techniques and concrete actions to gain more traffic, improve the quality of traffic and achieve better positions in the search engine results (SERPS) in Internet searches, which leads to improvements both in sales and conversions for the business. There is nothing more important that an improvement in results and an improvement in conversions on the web page.

In the main, Spain has used Google for years as the major search engine, closely followed by Bing and Yahoo.

Google search results and positions can be improved using these techniques among others: source code optimisation, generation of better quality and more attractive content for the user, shortened page loading time.

As an SEO consultant, how can I help you?

An SEO expert analyses the status of the website’s market sector and knows how to choose the appropriate strategy for improving the natural organic traffic, converting the visits to sales and improving customer confidence in the page to generate brand or website loyalty.

How will an SEO help your business?

What concrete actions will they take? Identifying improvements in the loading time for your website, using clean positioning techniques, linkbuilding, identifying and promoting the best of the quality and quantity of texts and content, improving the indexability and listing status in Google, adding a road map to the web project strategy, identifying the priorities for website improvement, responding to your doubts and queries, responding to your programmers’, designers’, marketing team’s and management’s doubts and queries, improving the website’s persuadability, improving the website’s usability, identifying new business opportunities on the Internet, measuring data and results continuously and applying the appropriate concrete actions, and above all not selling you flannel.

An SEO expert is a partner, helping you to open up the Internet road.

Top Google positions

Natural organic traffic

Focused on quality traffic

Strategic market study
Keyword analysis
Online strategy design
Content improvement
Information architecture improvement
Snippet optimisation

Local business positioning

Positioning in your town

Focused on geolocalisation

Google focused on your town
Map positioning
Local social networks
Local directories
Positioning to attract local customers

SEO audit and consultation

Concrete SEO actions

Point by point and step by step

Online strategy
Content improvement
Information architecture and indexability
Externalised SEO

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