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Search Engine Positioning TrainingWhat is search engine positioning training?
Online marketing training for search engines consists of training professionals involved in search engine marketing projects, in order that they might improve their knowledge of technical matters, as well as their knowledge of the necessary tools required to facilitate decision-making in projects and campaigns in search engine marketing and SEO or SEM positioning.
Our training courses can be used in corporations with employees from other companies or organisations, or there is also the option of in-house training where trainers train company professionals within the firm itself.

Results for conversions and ROI in online marketing have markedly improved through training companies’ teams or involved organisations. We use a personalised training programme which is adapted to the latest trends and changes within search engines.

How can a trainer in search engine positioning help you and your company?

A trainer in SEO/SEM search engine positioning trains the company’s team within the firm itself, adapting themselves to the work ethos and rhythms of the firm, becoming an effective collaborator in training work groups or even individual people.

How is a trainer going to help your business?

What are the specific courses and topics? Our training programmes are 100% personalised to the firm or organisation’s individual team, contributing time, a desire to collaborate, a passion for teaching, capacity to generate a good ambiance for working and collaborating, and at the same time an ability to identify and promote a 100% personalised training programme for the client. Training within the client’s firm or company itself includes all the current positioning topics and technologies including:- training on using wordpress, optimisation of wordpress for search engines, two levels of PPC campaign SEM courses -basic and advanced, two levels of SEO courses – basic and advancesd, web analysis and analysis of strategic web data for decision-making purposes on the part of intermediary managers.

U A web positioning trainer is an ally; they can help to indicate the right route and teach certain concepts to the firm or organisation.

Current training courses

Based on real necessities.

All online marketing areas

Basic SEO Positioning
Advanced SEO Positioning
Basic SEM campaigns
Advanced SEM campaigns
Optimisation of SEO wordpress
Web analysis

In-house training

Companies and organisations.

100% adaptable to the client

Adapted topics
Adapted technical levels
In the client’s firm itself
Reduced group size
In the client’s own organisation
Personalised rhythm and subject matter

Online marketing courses

Current and adapted

Updated material and content

100% adapted to the client
Latest trends
Latest positioning techniques
Including groups of just 2 people
An atmosphere of collaboration
Externalised training

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